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Melting Clock

Melting Clock

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Defy The Laws Of Time

A surreal, artistic piece representing the fluidity of time itself. Inspired by Dali's famous painting "Persistence of Memory", the melting clock reminds you to embrace the fluidity of existence, reflect on the impermanence of moments, and cherish each passing second.

Working Wall Clock

Not only is this a stunning decoration piece to add to any space, but it works as a functioning clock as well (battery powered). 

Easy Installation

No screws, adhesives, or tools are needed to install this clock. You simply place it on a stable/even shelf or hanging surface. The different color options give you the freedom to choose the option that will effortlessly tie your space together.

Product Information

Material: High-quality plastic

Power supply: 1 battery (not included)

Style: Creative

Size: 17.5*14.5*11.5 cm/6.89"*5.71"*4.53 inches

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