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Lotus Humidifier

Lotus Humidifier

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Freshen Your Room

Boost your living space with a soothing aroma that takes all your stress away.  Designed for aromatherapy, this simple humidifier is an essential addition to any living-space. Use any essential oils to increase productivity and positivity.

High Quality Design

Made with a powerful environmentally friendly filter that is easily replaceable, along with a smooth ceramic container and realistic flower patterns. It also comes with one USB cable.

Beautify Your Space

Amplify the aroma and overall atmosphere of your living-space with this simple yet stylistic humidifier. It comes in 5 different color combinations that are all aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Product Information

Size: 100 * 85MM

Humidification efficiency: ~ 30  mL / hour

Power: 2W

Container volume: 200ml

Power: DC5V
Humidity time: 3 hours continuous fog / 8 hours intermittent fog

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