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Acrylic Floating Shelves

Acrylic Floating Shelves

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Enhance Your Environment

These beautifully colored shelves come in all sorts of sizes and each one has the power to transform your room. The acrylic colors combine with the sunlight to provide a transparent glow onto the surface around the shelf. They also have the added 'floating' effect to keep your decor simple yet aesthetic. These make great gifts for any occasion and are sure to put a smile on anyones face. 


Not only is the installation of these shelves very easy, but you are given the option of installing them with suction pads or with screws. So it doesn't matter if you are adding this to your current decor, if you are moving into a college dorm, if it is mounted on drywall or marble; you can mount them wherever you'd like. They are made of a light and durable acrylic material that is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest books or accessories.

Product Information

Material: Acryl

Installation Type: Wall Mounted 

Includes: Suction pad installation + screw installation

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